Customised Programmes for China

We have become a leading player in the design and delivery of executive education for the Chinese market, delivering our first programme in 2006.

We combine academic and practitioner-based learning for international business leaders and have worked particularly extensively with the corporate, banking, construction and healthcare sectors.

Our experienced teaching team prepare leaders to confront their challenges by delivering executive education programmes which help them to address and explore their key issues. This is done through thought-provoking sessions by exceptional academics and senior practitioners who have first hand experience and research drawn from across the world. In this way we facilitate discussion and encourage leaders to reflect and embrace their challenges. We ask them to consider the application of their learning and impact to their own leadership work and the potential outcomes for their own organisational settings.

Our work with clients varies, but it often spans two to three years or more in order to develop the top cadre of leaders within the organisation, so that they share a common language and understanding in order to make a significant impact and effect change. Our dedicated China team consults closely with clients throughout the learning journey to identify the top issues for development and the required learning outcomes for the intervention. Our programmes often focus on a global international and political context and the impact of new regulation; we consider strategy and scenario planning and we can take a deep dive into areas such as risk, innovation, technology; customer service; product development; leadership and the engagement of high performance teams.

Delivering impact back in the workplace is what underpins all Møller programmes. Clients return to us because we develop skills that improve the impact of the individual as a leader to be agile as well as to develop resilience to to lead and implement change and make effective decisions. We develop their ability to influence culture and mindsets and develop and lead high performing teams to deliver desired results.

We support our Chinese delegates with practical exercises and experiential visits and facilitate their development journey with on-to-one coaching. We offer a full airport-to-airport experience and deliver exceptional logistical support throughout the residential experience which is tailored to meet specific cultural patterns, including the catering experience.

Our customised programmes for Chinese leaders provide a unique combination of education, cultural experience and inspirational, global thought.