Lauren Carter-Hynds

Meet Lauren Carter-Hynds, a new Guest Services Manager at the Møller Institute! To help you get to know Lauren better, we have asked her a few quick questions.

What is your previous job experience?

“I have worked in hospitality and client facing roles for eight years now. The roles have varied from volunteering at a farm working with horses and being in the farm café to bar and pub work, waitressing, working in a science lab, and in a hotel as a Receptionist, before I joined the Møller Institute team”.

What would you say motivates you?

“There is nothing more motivating than being tasked with a job and successfully completing it with positive feedback. Being able to provide an amazing service for our clients and hearing the feedback from their time with us is very rewarding. To also answer from a different angle, I am very motivated by living life like there is no tomorrow and making the most of each day”.

We know you spent time with each department during your training period, which department would you say you enjoyed spending time with the most, and why?

“I have especially enjoyed spending time with the conferencing and events team! I loved the show around with  potential client which were very informative and interesting to hear how we can accommodate a clients specific needs, and how this then turns into reality. The time with the team gave me a great overall perspective of the client journey, from being shown around to then welcoming the client myself during their meeting or event”.



What would you say your proudest accomplishment is in both your personal and professional life?

“My biggest professional accomplishment is getting this job at the Møller Institute, not only because of the association with the University of Cambridge, but because I have much more responsibility in the job role. This encourages me to find solutions to challenging tasks and have the satisfaction of completing them. In my personal life, I would say that travelling across South America for three months and gaining life experience, while overcoming demanding conditions, is my biggest achievement”.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

“I do have quite a few hobbies; I am currently learning how to ski, because of an upcoming skiing holiday, which I’m enjoying, I also kayak and go swimming when the weather allows for it. Other than sports, I love trying new foods and I like to paint too, mostly abstract but I must be good because family and friends take my paintings and hang them up”!

How have you found working at the Møller Institute so far?

“It’s been great, everyone is so lovely and helpful. The teamwork and effort put into event behind the scenes is very prominent. I can see that employees are valued and appreciated, which is evident when you hear the amount of time some colleagues have worked here for! The training was executed flawlessly, I got a really good overview of the Institute and I can see that I have the opportunity to progress in the future”.