Mike Reynolds

Meet Mike, the newest member of the Møller Institute team, joining us as Food and Beverage Manager, overseeing the smooth running of the food and beverage services.

What is your previous job experience?

“I’ve been in hospitality for 14 years across multiple levels within organisations – previous to that I worked at cocktail bars and pubs, restaurants such as Ta Bouche, La Raza and at Soul Tree as General Manager, so I’ve basically been within the hospitality industry my whole life.”

What would you say motivates you?

“To put it bluntly, without the customers we wouldn’t have jobs, so they are my biggest motivator. I enjoy going above and beyond and seeing them smile, provide good feedback and be grateful, it’s why we do the job we do.

I think what also motivates me is the challenges of hospitality itself – the industry is forever changing it’s structure and I’ve found that as a hospitality worker you always need to be prepared to adapt and overcome these changes – this drives me. I’d also say that overseeing people and being in a more authoritative position has always motivated me. Being the person who takes others under their wing and is approached for guidance to show them the way is a very rewarding role. I like to benefit my team and have an impact on their day-to-day work.”

What do you enjoy about your job the most, and why?

“The challenge is once again the thing I enjoy the most. Challenges at work are a great opportunity for development, both myself and to develop the Møller Institute, to bring a new set of eyes to the Institute and bring a new perspective to shape the it my own way.

I’ll definitely enjoy pushing the Møller Institute through into a new standard and bringing my own experience to the Institute.”

What is your favourite thing about working at the Møller Institute?

“The staff and team is my favourite thing about working here. Though I’ve only been here for just over a month, I can already feel the team spirit, sense of collaboration and internal community.

The Møller Institutes offering is amazing in itself, I enjoy working at a place that gives back and shapes the future of leadership development all while offering collaborative spaces for meetings and events!”


What would you say your proudest accomplishment is in both your personal and professional life?

“Within my personal life, I would say that serving the Royal Air Force is my biggest achievement.

Professionally – reviving Ta Bouche, at the start of my career, after finishing my service in the Royal Air Force. It was an almost closed cocktail bar in administration, and I helped reinvent it into one of the best student bars… back in the day. I had the idea of taking the bar and transforming it into a mobile one, which could travel to different venues, which was also how I’ve managed to watch bands such as Bastille, and other, live in concert.”

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

“I love to play golf and I used to play grassroots rugby many years ago, but nowadays I predominantly enjoy just watching it rather than playing – probably something to do with too many hits to the head.”

We know you spent time with each department during your training period, which department would you say you enjoyed spending time with the most, and why?

“Sales was interesting – the knowledge that the team has and the depth of information they go into for their clients is so impressive. Their efforts also help me do my job and allows for a great client meeting or event to be successfully implemented.

They co-ordinate things flawlessly, allowing for good organisation and management.”