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Churchill Leadership Fellows feature in FT Weekend magazine

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The Financial Times published (16/10/15) a four-page feature and video interview showcasing seven of 24 young leaders taking part in the Møller Centre’s innovative Churchill Leadership Fellows programme — a unique next generation leaders development programme aimed to equip young leaders with the skills to be tomorrow’s game-changers. The feature also interviews current generation leaders, including Master of Churchill College and eminent Physicist, Professor Dame Athene Donald, and Robert Marshall, Head of the Marshall Group.

The leadership programme is being delivered in three modules in partnership with Learn to Lead, the UK’s principal provider of leadership development for young people, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and the British Council. It will addresses issues that were close to Churchill’s heart — future generations and leadership.

Emerging and experienced leaders discuss the future of leadership with Andrew Hill, answering questions such as:

  • Can today’s leaders be like Churchill?
  • Can people still lead like Churchill did?
  • How does social media change today’s leaders?
  • Is leadership about a title or network?

Read the article online (subscription required) or read here – first page and second page.