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Empowering our future – creating resilience, sustainability and value

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The Møller Institute is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development (CRSD) at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge and Cambridge Sustainable Investment Partners (CSIP).

The goal of the collaboration is to build skills, perspectives and insights which will inform and create practices in sustainable investment to help build a resilient future.

The world has changed. How we choose our assets and the decisions we take when investing is no longer a single sum game. Where we once measured simple financial performance as our only metric, we now recognise that being an asset holder shapes possibilities for creating value in many more spaces.

In a world where ambiguous and complex threats emerge daily, purpose-led businesses are leading the charge on creating solutions to global problems. Behind these sit the future-oriented investors who recognise that there are responsibilities and opportunities to be lived up to and leveraged.

The protracted pandemic triggered a heightened urgency to improve our action in saving the planet, people’s livelihoods, and profits for reinvestment. The pandemic reinforced the already-appreciated fact that the society, the environment, and the economy are no longer separate entities but are integral to our survival as humans in this world. From young consumers to senior citizens, consumers are calling for more accountability and leadership among investment professionals and government leaders to address consequential challenges. Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) focused investing is the vehicle which will allow us to ensure that our world has a sustainable future. No longer a ‘nice-to-have’ or a form of social credit scoring, ESG is a mindset which we need to adopt as we lead strategic decision-making for our organisations.

‘Empowering our future’ is a brand-new initiative from CRSD, CSIP and the Møller Institute which seeks to build the capabilities, mindsets and habits in organisations across all sectors, both public and private, which lead to successful and meaningful engagement with ESG perspectives. Bringing together cutting-edge research, insightful networks and world-class learning and development, the mission of this collaboration is to create a generation of leaders who understand, consciously engage with, and create tangible success through the implementation of ESG principles.

Through a range of development programmes, knowledge creation and dissemination, and the production of ground-breaking tools, ‘Empowering our future’ will set the foundations from which we can build a sustainable and viable investment economy.