Ade McCormack


Picture of Ade McCormack at Moller Institute

Ade is a former technologist. He graduated with a degree in astrophysics and his career has involved working at the European Space Agency in the Space Science department. Much of his early career focused on software engineering. More latterly he advises business and government leaders on how to thrive in the digital age by focusing on the cognitive capacity and needs of their people. In essence, he has a ‘bits to boardroom’ understanding of how the world is changing and how to turn that into value. He has a unique perspective on what individuals and organisations need to do in order to thrive.

Ade has a human-centric perspective on how organisations need to move forward to thrive in the digital age. He has encapsulated this into a method that underpins his advisory work. He draws upon anthropology, biology, human performance and new technology. For this reason he is often engaged by organisations who can sense the digital tsunami is coming their way.

Some facts about Ade:

  • He has worked in around 40 counties across the world.
  • He has written six books on digital age matters.
  • He has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on digital leadership.
  • He is involved in executive education with the University of Cambridge.
  • He has worked across many sectors, often because those sectors facing disruption seek his perspectives.
  • Many of his clients are globally recognised brands from the technology sector, professional services and technology ‘end user’ organisations.
  • He is a former opinion columnist for the Financial Times and has written for many business and technology publications.
  • He founded the Disruption Readiness Institute.

Ade delivers his unique content via:

  • Keynotes.
  • Workshops.
  • Coaching.
  • Advisory.