Doug Sheperdigian


Picture of Doug Sheperdigian at Moller Institute

Doug is Managing Director of Atlantic Customer Solutions, a Management Consultancy with deep experience in customer relationship management and operational excellence across a number of sectors including UK local government, Health care, Telecommunications, the Travel Industry and Financial Services. The prime focus for the firm in recent years has been integrating and transforming Health and Social Care in the UK in the face of burgeoning demand and diminishing resources.

Professional experience

Doug has worked with numerous Local Authorities and Health Authorities in the UK including the London Borough of Croydon, Bedfordshire CCG, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Croydon United Hospitals, London Borough of Merton, Cardiff Council, London Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. In each he and his teams have worked collaboratively to improve operations, in particular reducing budgets without affecting customer satisfaction.

Atlantic has expertise in virtually every function of UK local government, delivering results across Waste Management, Adult and Children’s Social Care, Housing, Customer contact, ICT, Library Services, and many other service areas.

Recently, Atlantic have focused on the topic of Outcome Based Services, where contracting is on the basis of outcomes rather than inputs. Although this requires a full system change, there are benefits to virtually every stakeholder, particularly people. Atlantic and the Møller Institute have collaborated to convene a national dialogue on the topic of outcome based services with a major workshop every six months to develop the concept at the early stages of its implementation. This has been subscribed to by over 40 different organisations and run continuously over the last five years.

As an important skill to support this work, Doug designs and delivers interactive workshops and business problem solving events, allowing his clients to Innovate – finding new solutions to long-standing problems and challenges. This particularly relevant in recent times when the recession has reduced the local government budget by over 20%. Additionally, he is well known at Shell where he has designed and delivered over 200 workshop events globally, including many leadership programmes at the Møller Institute.

Doug and his team have lectured on a number of Møller Institute programmes, such as the Tianjin Health and Family Planning Commission Leadership Programme, explaining the UK’s health and care system and leading a discussion of lessons applicable to, in this instance, China.

Prior to Atlantic, Doug has led consultancy teams at Ernst & Young, and AT&T. He served on the management team of an international joint venture to set up Galileo, a worldwide ticketing and reservation system for airlines. His early career was at Booz, Allen & Hamilton – now PWC’s Strategy&.