Dr Saori Sugeno


Picture of Saori Sugeno at Moller Institute

Saori is a highly experienced economist and corporate governance expert, currently serving as a Lecturer in Corporate Governance and International Business at the Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. Her academic and professional pursuits focus on international corporate governance, emerging economies, geopolitics, and global financial markets.
She has accumulated over two decades of experience across academia, the public, and private sectors in Japan, including an extensive tenure as a senior economist at Daiwa Capital Markets Europe.

Educational Background

Fluent in Russian, Japanese, and English, Saori received her PhD in Economics from Chuo University in Japan. Her research centred on the Main Bank system and the Japanese corporate governance model, a foundation that allowed her to develop a profound understanding of the intricacies of the Japanese corporate landscape.

Professional Experience

Early in her career, Saori served as a consultant for Sumitomo Corporation, where she offered advice on conducting business in Russia and CIS countries. Her expertise in Russian affairs was further expanded through her tenure as a visiting fellow at the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office Government of Japan, carrying out research on Russian structural reforms.

During her extensive career with a major Japanese investment bank, Saori conducted research into the macro-economic and political landscape of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Laos.


Saori is a well-respected author and columnist in Japan. She has published two books under the prestigious Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and has frequently contributed to leading Japanese media outlets including Nikkei Business and Financial Affairs weekly magazine.

Currently, at the Surrey Business School, she imparts her vast wealth of knowledge and expertise to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, inspiring the next generation of business leaders.