Møller HRD Forum: Viral Change

The next Møller HRD Froum is on Thursday 14 June 2018 and will focus on viral change, which uses the power of a small set of well-defined non-negotiable behaviours, spread by small groups of highly connected individuals within the organisation. Their peer-to-peer influence – more powerful than hierarchical one – creates new norms, new ways of doing and new cultures.

The Forum is free of change and will be led by our Associate Jeremy Keeley.

Forum outline

09:30 – Registration
10:00 – Welcome and introduction – Cathy Butler, Ruth Berry
10:15 – Session 1
11:15 – Break
11:30 – Session 2
12:30 – Lunch and networking
13:30 – Session 3
14:10 – Break
14:20 – Session 4
14:50 – Close and thanks – Cathy Butler

Møller HRD Forum: Approaches to Leadership Development

‘If you want one year of prosperity grow grain, if you want ten years of prosperity grow trees, but if you want 100 years of prosperity grow people.’ Chinese Proverb.

This is a forum developed by the Møller Institute team at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, for a select group of HR Directors and, facilitated by Møller Institute leadership development specialists to discuss approaches to the development of leaders within their businesses and organisations.

We explore new and current approaches, best practice, the typical challenges we face and how we can best design and deliver high impact programmes and interventions that will bring about real change and demonstrate a return on investment for the business.

We plan a series of interesting discussions, inform each other around what works and what doesn’t – and participants will leave with some new connections and sources of help and some good ideas to take forward into our future work. All events take place at the Møller Centre, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.

2018 dates

Thursday 14 June
Wednesday 26 September
Wednesday 12 December