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Unique partnership inspires global leaders to innovate for impact

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The Møller Institute recently partnered with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) to jointly design and deliver a new online programme, Igniting Innovation for Impact, to over 45 global participants. Impact innovation is the application of innovation principles across all aspects of what we do. Rather than thinking one-dimensionally about disruption, it causes us to think about the social, environmental, and economic implications of what we do and how to navigate these areas.

The programme was a unique partnership from East and West which pulled together different strands of impact innovation and brought a leadership lens which supported participants to understand how they can create long-lasting and genuine impact through their roles and organisations.

Richard Hill, Programme Co-Director, said “the most exciting element of this Igniting Innovation for Impact is the mix of perspectives from across the world. Bringing together experts from both the East and West adds a unique dimension to the dialogue which is at the foundation of the programme.”

To truly understand the impact we can have on the world around us we need to have a broad perspective – we can only do this through engaging with those who work in different contexts, have different perspectives and have different experiences.

This programme pulled together a global community, including 10 consultants from the NHS. When asked about the programme, participant Marek Stawinski, CEO of NaviParking, said “It was a privilege to be a part of this unique programme. It is a great initiative highly recommended to all leaders willing to learn how to have a positive impact, make a difference and contribute to a better world while realising their business objectives. It is a great opportunity to learn that combining profit and impact is not only possible but also inevitable as we have to save our planet now for future generations.”

Bo Ji, Programme Co-Director, added “We developed an Impact Innovation Process to address the dilemma business leaders often have between profit and impact. Participants followed the five step Impact Innovation Process to develop an impactful business with profit in mind during group learning sessions. It is so encouraging to see how this process has changed their view over innovation. For many of them, innovating for both impact and profit becomes possible.”

During the five week programme, participants attended sessions including:

  • Driving impact in a disruptive world
  • Disruptive technologies: cutting-edge technologies and the impact on our world
  • Our shared future: innovating for social good
  • Future earth: harnessing innovation for a better planet
  • Impact leadership: activating impact innovation for good

The sessions were delivered via a combination of live interactive online presentations, group learning sessions and self-guided learning.

This programme by The Møller Institute and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business is part of a broader programme, Impact Leadership in the Era of Global Disruptions, which aims to develop a new generation of business leaders with impact who can contribute to the global future.

Igniting Innovation for Impact: Understanding and activating impact innovation

Due to the success and demand of the Igniting Innovation for Impact, the programme will be delivered again in April.