Dr Olivia Remes


Picture of Dr Olivia Remes at Moller Institute

Dr Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, a coach, and motivational speaker.

Olivia has developed a system of coping strategies that help people thrive and flourish, attain mental wellbeing, and overcome setbacks in life. She has delivered seminars and webinars on mental wellbeing to organisations around the world, helping people learn how to thrive in spite of adversity and change. Her PhD at the University of Cambridge, based on data from over 30,000 people, focused on what makes people anxious and depressed, and coping strategies that protect against poor mental health.

She has written extensively for the public about mental health and wellbeing, and her work has been republished in the UK, US, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Poland, Russia, and Germany.

Olivia is also a coach and helps people let go of fear and face challenges with a calm, determined mindset. She draws on several disciplines and uses frameworks to inform and ground her practice, as well as well-established, validated tools to measure client progress and satisfaction.

For two years, Olivia created, produced and hosted her own radio show, “The Cambridge Talk Show” that taught people how to overcome self-doubt, stress, adversity, and become resilient in any area of their lives.

She has given TED talks viewed over 2 million times, writes for Vogue, and is a regular contributor to BBC Cambridgeshire radio.  Her book was released in 2021 and published by Penguin Random House.

Olivia recently published two books: The Instant Mood Fix: Emergency remedies to beat anxiety, panic or stress, and This is How You Grow After Trauma.

Prior to coming to Cambridge, Olivia completed a Master of Science in Epidemiology and she is from Canada.