James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership

Academically underpinning our work with you and your teams sits a robust research capability led by Professor Georgia Sorenson, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Leadership and founder of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership. This research informs and supports our teaching team, ensuring you benefit from the very latest thinking.


Our research capability underpins our strong focus on practical leadership development in the pedagogical design of our executive education programmes.

This academic foundation to our work is led by internationally renowned US Leadership Scholar Professor Georgia Sorenson, founder of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership and co-founder of the International Leadership Association. Georgia joined us in June 2015 as Leadership Scholar and Møller By-Fellow of Churchill College.

Georgia leads a team of visiting leadership scholars and has created a special Leadership Research Hub at the Møller Institute that houses a library and provides a space for Associates, scholars, executives and practitioners to study, research and develop further understanding on the subject of leadership.

Our partnership with The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership brings an established scholarly, prominent and prestigious platform on practical leadership and allows us to support and enhance our work with clients and teaching team through Professor Sorenson and others publishing in the leadership field using the Møller Institute affiliation.