Picture of a PA day at Moller Institute


PAs and EAs are often the unsung hero, even though in our experience they are frequently at the centre of organising successful, impactful events. Our development day will celebrate the lynchpin role of the PA and EA in event planning and offers a rare chance for you to take time out for yourself to meet peers and learn new skills.

Event agenda

09:15 – Arrival refreshments and networking

09.45 – Welcome

10:00 – Raising your self-awareness through psychometrics with Tina Cronin, Møller Institute

This interactive session will look at the part that psychometrics can play in
heightening awareness of how we show up in our day-to-day lives, and how we
may need to flex our own personal style to communicate more effectively with
those around us.

11.00 – Break

11.15 – Code Cracking with Abigale Nicol and Rachel Thompson, Møller Institute

Through a high energy and competitive ‘escape room’ activity, you will work to be
the first to solve a major crisis. The activity will provide an opportunity for you to test
out your team performance, challenge your mindset, and discover how you
approach an environment of ambiguity and uncertainty. Through active practice,
you will learn how you can function more effectively in a constantly changing
and challenging situation, and raise awareness of your own strengths and

12:30 – Networking Lunch

13:30 – (Session A: PAs and EAs) – Microsoft Office Shortcuts with Karen Roem, Roem Limited

Uncovering the often hidden features within Microsoft Office to help speed up your
day-to-day office tasks. You will learn about time-saving tips for even the most
experienced to help save those precious minutes!

13:30 – (Session B: CEOs, COOs and HRDs) – Creating Impactful Leadership with Richard Hill, Møller Institute

Hear about, and discuss, the latest trends in leadership development that can help
shape your organisation.

14:45 – Showrounds and Close

Join us on Thursday, 29 February, at the Møller Institute!

*If you are bringing your CEO, COO or HRD, please register them separately.