Suzanne Reynolds

Sales & Revenue Manager

picture of Suzanne Reynolds

Suzanne has 14 years experience within the hospitality sector, mainly within hotels, she has worked within reception, conference & banqueting and event sales, giving her a broad understanding of the complete client journey, this allows Suzanne to work with her team to ensure all clients have an enjoyable and successful experience when holding their meeting or event at the Møller Institute.

She manages the Client Development and Relationship Team at the Møller Institute, her focus is revenue generation and making sure we are the best that we can be through achieving our KPI’s. In her role, Suzanne understands the business from all aspects which is key to helping her and her team deliver a great experience for our clients.

Suzanne likes to work alongside her clients to ensure they achieve the best experience during their event as she wants their purpose to be achieved. She also whats to ensure they experience the easiest process possible when planning their meeting or event at the Møller Institute.