Meet the team

Picture of Gillian Secrett

Gillian Secrett


Picture of Cathy Butler at Moller Institute

Cathy Butler

Head of Executive Education

Picture of Mark Carberry at Moller Institute

Mark Carberry

Director of Client & Product Development

Richard Hill

Client Director

Picture of Jeffy Li at Moller Institute

Jeffy Li

Overseas Programme Director

Tim Hill Moller Centre

Tim Hill

Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations

Tina Cronin

Programme Manager

Picture of Susana Lee at Moller Institute

Susana Lee

Programme Manager

Picture of Difei Liu at Moller Institute

Difei Lui

Programme Manager

Picture of Rachel Thomason at Moller Institute

Rachel Thomason

Programme Manager

Picture of Abi Tumber at Moller Institute

Abi Tumber

Programme Manager

Picture of Kaya Zhu

Kaya Zhu

Client Relationship Manager

Picture of June Cannie at Moller Institute

June Cannie

Education Advisor

Picture of Steve Boley

Steve Boley

Education Advisor

Picture of Steve Ellison at Moller Institute

Steve Ellison

Education Advisor

Picture of Clare Wright

Clare Wright

Education Advisor

Picture of Darren Chamberlian

Darren Chamberlain

Centre Manager

picture of Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Operations Manager

Picture of Thierry Hachin

Thierry Hachin

Operations Manager

Picture of Walid Ali at the Moller Centre

Walid Ali

Guest Services Manager

picture of Sylvie Bonevova

Sylvie Bonevova

Guest Services Manager

Picture of Rhys Sandham

Rhys Sandham

Guest Service Manager

picture of Suzanne Reynolds

Suzanne Reynolds

Sales & Revenue Manager

Picture of Katharine Grisham

Katharine Grisham

Client Development Manager

Picture of Deborah Jones at the Moller Centre

Deborah Jones

Client Development Manager

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