Henry Tillman


Picture of Henry Tillman at the Moller Institute

Henry has over 30 years experience in international business, across Continents (Europe, Asia, North America and Australia) and roles (from operational to Executive Boards to NED) in both large global organisations to start ups. He focuses his time advising organisations either contemplating corporate change or seeking external advice on how to initiate such change. Henry worked closely with the McKinsey team restructuring Barclays in the mid 1990s and ABN AMRO in late 1990s/2000s (including being a member of the Group Board Executive Development Committee).

In advisory, Henry’s experience has been primarily focussed in the financial, healthcare, technology and renewable/new energy sectors. Geographically, for the past 20 years, the focus has been on
emerging Asia with a particular focus on China, South Asia, Southeast Asia and MEMA. His advisory experience refined his skills with group strategy/ planning, engaging with CEOs /ExCos and working with their Boards.

In research, Henry designed and launched what was initially (in 2008) a database tracking all Chinese outbound (mostly FDI) investments (and G2G loans). Over time this expanded to include below FDI level investments, VC/PE investments into circa 70 tech hubs (outside the USA, UK and China) and China inbound investments. In 2021, Henry broadened this database to include ASEAN inbound/outbound investments.